Søby Værft A/S

Søby Ærø, Denmark


Søby Værft A/S is renowned for its flawless and cost effective on-time deliveries. Last newbuilding to The Danish Navy was delivered in June 2011. With this navy vessel, we have build 30 ships to the Danish Navy - all on time and without remarks.

Being an experienced shipbuilder, Søby Værft A/S has recently increased its capacity to construct a broader range of vessel types. Whether traditional steel ship or in the ever growing aluminum range, Søby Værft A/S can build up to 115 m in length, and easily facilitates a draught of up to 6 m. Our experienced team of welders and fabricators construct all vessels to meet major classification standards. Any new built vessel sailing out of Søby Værft A/S will come with complete certification.


Type Name Length [m] Width [m] Draft [m] Lifting capacity [t] Max crane SWL [t] Num. Cranes
Dock DOCK I 75.0 13.0 3.6
Dock DOCK II 85.0 15.0 3.6
Dock DOCK III 140.0 24.0 6.0


Contact information

Dokvej 5
DK-5985 Søby, Ærø
T: +45 6258 1123

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