Esma Expertise

Marine surveyor for pleasure crafts in the Netherlands and abroad.

Esma Expertise

ESMA Expertise has a team of specialised marine surveyors for the water sports industry in the Netherlands. We provide nationwide coverage and a 24-hour alarm service.

Our marine surveyors are members of the following Dutch industry organisation: NVEP (Dutch Association of Pleasure Craft Surveyors). Since our marine surveyors are spread across the country, ESMA Expertise can guarantee nationwide coverage, as well as surveys abroad.

Are you in need of a damage or valution report? You've come to the right place. We invite you to contact our office of one of our experts directly! We are happy to help you!

ESMA Expertise retrieves stolen boat in Spain within 90 minutes

Contact information

Kuiperbergweg 35
1101 AE Amsterdam
The Netherlands
+31 (0)20 31 21 365

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ESMA group

Group of companies all active as service provider in the Maritime and Technical industries. Based in Amsterdam, with a long history and with short lines to all corners of The Netherlands and with Schiphol Airport and the largest seaports nearby, also of the world.

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