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Exlusive and on demand representation.
ESMA has been representing a large number of high quality international shipyards throughout the years. Most of these contract were based on exclusivity. In todays market we believe we need to offer more flexibilty as every shipyard has a different approach towards representation. Besides the exlusive contract to cover a for territory we offer an alternative service called agent on demand.
Representation on demand can significantly increase the efficiency of the shipyard. Instead of maintaining an exclusive agent in every country, the shipyard can utilize on-demand representation services to quickly and easily connect with local suppliers, partners and customers. This approach eliminates the need for time-consuming and expensive travel, as well as the costs associated with maintaining an "exclusive" contract in every location.
By using on-demand representation, the shipyard can access local knowledge and expertise on an as-needed basis, while also reducing overhead costs. In addition, on-demand representation allows for greater flexibility and agility in responding in changing market conditions and customer needs. The shipyard can quickly scale up and down its representation as needed, without being tied to long-term contracts or commitments.
Overall, representation on demand offers a cost-effective and efficient solution for an international shipyard looking to expand its global reach and increase its competiveness in the market.
Zhoushan ChangHong
Cosco Boluomiao Guangzhou
Cosco Guangdong
Cosco Nantong
Cosco Zhoushan
Cosco Shanghai Chaingxing
Cosco Dalian
Lisnave Estaleiros Navais S.A
Kuzey Star Shipyard
Drydocks World Dubai
Colombo Dockyard PLC


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ESMA group

Group of companies all active as service provider in the Maritime and Technical industries. Based in Amsterdam, with a long history and with short lines to all corners of The Netherlands and with Schiphol Airport and the largest seaports nearby, also of the world.

Esma Logistics B.V.

SMA Logistics is an efficient, reliable and flexible forwarding agent, having built up a wealth of experience over the past 35 years.

ESMA International B.V.

ESMA International B.V. is partner for problem solving, material sourcing and supplies of materials and services for the ship repair and ship building industry, on- and off-shore and Oil & Gas. Customers are located around the globe.

ESMA Expertise B.V.

ESMA Expertise has a team of specialised marine surveyors for the water sports industry in the Netherlands. We provide nationwide coverage and a 24-hour alarm service.